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Fun Run Party Buses, INC




Due to limited booking and pricing functionality, online bookings may be changed, modified, or cancelled by Fun Run Party buses for any reason.



Cancellation Policy


In the event you need to cancel your reservation, initial $100.00 deposit is non refundable, a two (2) week notice (14 consecutive days) is required prior to your reservation. If you need to cancel less than two (2) weeks (14 consecutive) prior to your reservation and we can’t fill a replacement reservation, then an additional $200.00 ($300.00 total) cancellation fee will be charged. All bus runs are booked according to the client’s initial reservation, and are reserved for that time period allowing us to book other bus runs, before or after, depending on client’s reserved time. If your bus service ends early for any reason, you will be charged for the total amount specified in the original bus booking.


No Show Policy


If a client fails to show at the designated location for which a scheduled reservation has been made, a No Show Fee equal to 100% of the total trip cost, including a 10% gratuity, will be billed. This includes any cancellations after a chauffeur has reached or is in route to a reservation’s location.


Payment Policy


Cash or Credit/Debit Card is the standard accepted method of payment. A credit card will have to be put on file prior to reservation confirmation regardless of the final method of payment. The credit card on file will be used for any and all damages, cancellation, and no show policies, unless otherwise indicated. Client is responsible for the full payment of any overtime charges, beyond the original reservation agreement. Overtime is charged in 1 hour increments and begins at 15 minutes into the hour. The time of bus service ends when all passengers and belongings are removed from the vehicle and the bus is clear to drive off.


Special Amenities Policy


Fun Run Party Buses does not provide ice, coolers, alcohol, or soft drinks. It does however permit such items on all events. Client agrees that any passenger under 21 years of age shall not consume, possess, or distribute alcoholic beverages. Client will indemnify Fun Run Party Buses of any and all costs incurred that are associated with any legal action resulting from underage possession, distribution, or consumption of alcohol including but not limited to fines, court costs, and attorney fees.


>Other Policies


Client agrees that no illegal drugs will be consumed, possessed, or distributed in )Fun Run Party Buses vehicle(s). Client agrees that the passenger capacity of any vehicle provided shall not be exceeded. In case of misconduct or drug use by client or their party, or if driver is being or feels threatened, the driver has the right to terminate bus service without any refunds and drop all passengers off at the nearest safe location. Client holds Fun Run Party Buses harmless and not liable for any personal or material damages arising from the conduct of client and/or their party. Client is responsible for damages to the vehicle committed by client or their party during service, either willfully or accidentally, this includes but not limited to garbage left and or detailing required. Any actions that cause damage on our vehicle(s) can result in extra charge. If any under age drinking or drug use occurs, the service will be terminated immediately with no refund. The minors will be returned to the original pick up location and the parents will be called.

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