Planning a Party Bus – Part 1- Getting Paid to Party

//Planning a Party Bus – Part 1- Getting Paid to Party

Planning a Party Bus – Part 1- Getting Paid to Party

You’re on this website, so we can safely assume you’re renting a luxury party bus. These buses can seem a bit expensive at first, but the cost is easy to break down.

At the time of writing, a 45 passenger party bus is just over $800 for a solid night from 10pm to bar close here in Minneapolis. Say you get 40 people on that bus, each paying $20-25. At $20 you break even, at $25 you get paid to party. After all, you’re the one on the site, organizing the bus and putting down a small deposit. Remember, payment will be required when you ride, but we’ve got you covered.

Below are a few ways to better help you get paid. These options are mobile friendly and helpful for quick transactions.


Venmo is a free mobile app that allows sending payments as well as requests. All you need is your friend’s phone number or email and you can send them a request for their share of your party bus. Didn’t pay? Keep ’em off the bus, you’ll be notified quickly when they decide to hit the “Pay Now” button.


Cash is king, but remember, it’s unsafe to carry large amounts of cash while out drinking. Pay your driver when you have enough cash to do so. You’ll also be at the mercy of anyone who forgot to grab cash, so having a backup app to get paid on the spot isn’t a bad idea. Your driver will be expecting full payment by the end of the ride.

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