Party Bus vs Limo Bus: What’s the Difference

//Party Bus vs Limo Bus: What’s the Difference

Party Bus vs Limo Bus: What’s the Difference

As a long standing Twin Cities party bus provider, we’ve seen party bus companies come and go, some changing their names to ‘limo bus’ to try something new, without really having any limo buses. So what is a limo bus, and how does it differ from a party bus specifically.

Beyond Industry-Standard Lighting

Our LED dance lighting is a blend of dealer specific LED track lighting and professional quality LED controllers. We strive to stay away from the industry standard, consumer level LED rope lights you will find with other companies party buses. At Fun Run Party Buses, our party buses and limo buses contain the same, high quality lighting you expect.

High-End Stereo

A party is nothing without good music. You don’t have to worry about sub-par speakers or low powered amplifiers in a Fun Run vehicle. Every bus stereo starts with a high-end head unit with a special selection of well-placed, high-end speakers. The music is yours to control with a provided aux plug in.

You WILL find more high quality speakers AND more of the same high powered amplifiers in a Fun Run limo bus. Bigger, better space needs a bigger, badder stereo.

Limo Seating vs Party Bus Seats

The one area that is required to transform a party bus into a limo bus is high-quality, professional limo stitching and upholstery. Without this limo stitching and upholstery, no amount of class and high tech gadgets can truly make your bus worthy of the limo name. Extra comfort does come at a disadvantage for some; there is no smoking and no restrooms on a limo bus.

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