5 Mistakes Rookie Party Bus Planners Make

//5 Mistakes Rookie Party Bus Planners Make

5 Mistakes Rookie Party Bus Planners Make

Like it or not, you’ve been put in charge of organizing a party bus outing for you and your friends, and you want to make sure the night goes smoothly so you can kick back and enjoy yourself.

While this may seem like a straight-forward task, experienced party bus planners will attest that there are several pitfalls that could foil your plans and leave you wallowing in a puddle of your own tears!!! (Too far?)

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes you can make, and the best techniques for avoiding them:

Waiting ‘til the last minute to book your bus

Renting a Party Bus is not quite the same as hailing an Uber. Most party bus companies will have their fleet booked out at least a week in advance. During busy times of the year, like Prom season, buses could be completely booked a full month out. So be sure to book your bus as early as possible, or run the risk of having your parents to drive you and your friends around all night in their Woody Station Wagons!!!

Counting on all your friends to show up

We all have those friends… The ones who say they’re coming to your party, only to back out at the last minute, leaving you with way too much guacamole (Michael Scott fans will get this one). But seriously, an experienced party bus planner would tell you to make your event Facebook official, and get firm commitments from as many of your friends as possible.  And then… Count on 5 of them backing out at the last minute.

Picking bars that don’t want you

Believe it or not, there are bars that discriminate against party busers. That’s right, many bars around the Twin Cities will stop you at the door and say, “No Party Buses Allowed!!!”. And, as much as you plead with them that you and your friends are awesome, many of these bars will tell you to move along. On the other hand, there are a lot of other bars in Minnesota that LOVE party buses. They love them so much that they will even pay you good money to come with your group. Check out our Preferred Bars Page to see a list of the bars that will pay you.

Sloppy money collecting

This may be the single biggest mistake rookie party bus planners make. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wait until the end of the night to collect money from your friends. Collect as much of the money ahead of time on Venmo or PayPal as you can, and collect the rest of it before you get on the bus. If you expect your drunk friends to pay you at the end of the night, you deserve to be left with the bill.

The other thing most rookie party bus planners don’t take into consideration is the tip. If your bus driver does a good job, a 20% tip is a nice way to show him or her your appreciation. Be sure to collect enough money from your group to cover the tip. And, if you have any leftovers, you can get the first round!

Picking a party bus company other than Fun Run

Okay… So this may not be the most “objective” or “professional” tip to give you… But this is a party bus blog, not 60 Minutes, deal with it. If you rent from Fun Run, I can personally guarantee that all of your wildest part bus dreams will come true, unless your wildest dreams are really weird and gross. Those dreams are exempt from this guarantee.

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